Lovisa Oliv


The moment of an idea, with careful planning and composition, Lovisa creates her paintings with a sensitivity that unfolds in her colorful, distinct and striking watercolor artwork.

With brushstrokes of smooth, and sometimes unruly watercolor, a playful scenery unfolds. The characters, always stylish, create the story with their physical expression and movement. Layering color with luminosity, using graphic undertones and contrast, lends depth and definition. Outlined highlights playing against negative space, leaves room for imagination. The attraction is in what is barely revealed or only subtly suggested.

Simplicity is themed throughout, with careful attention to mood, color and balance. Both illustrating fashion, as well as the Hawaii lifestyle of her home, Lovisa presents the viewer with a different perspective.

Born and raised in Sweden, Lovisa moved on to study Fashion Design and Illustration in Florence, Italy, and later on studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

Lovisa’s watercolor illustrations have led to art collaborations, commissions and licensing with clients internationally. Her understanding of style and keen eye for proportion, detail and color, direct her lead as an artist.