Sarah Caudle

resin painter

Sarah Caudle is an artist on her own creative journey. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, with a background in design and sustainability, she moved to Honolulu, Hawai’i and soon after followed her dreams of becoming a full-time artist.

Deeply inspired by the stunning beaches that surrounded her, she was inspired to paint them. After playing with many different mediums, she discovered resin through one of her design projects. She had never seen another artist paint with it before, but after playing with it, and also learning epoxy is used for surfboard glassing, she knew it was just what she was looking for! After a year of trial and error, painting and pouring in her tiny studio apartment, she was finally able to bring her vision to life. Mixing acrylic paints and pigment powders with resin, she carefully built up each piece one layer at a time, carefully controlling the flow, while allowing it to settle on its own, emulating the movement of the ocean.

After always being told it was impossible to have a career as an artist, she decided to take the leap and quit her full time job, to pursue her art. After only a few years, her little art business grew into a worldwide sensation that she and her team could barely keep up with. Unfortunately, with the struggles of COVID, and her mental health worsening, she was no longer able to keep up with the demand and needed a break. At the end of 2021, she officially closed her art studio. Her giclée paper prints and resin prints are still produced exclusively by her agent Li'a International. 

She is now using the vast knowledge she’s learned over the past few years to help guide other artists how to successfully run their own creative business, while also avoiding burnout. When she’s not writing her blog posts, you can find Sarah playing with new art styles, surfing, practicing pilates and yoga, and simply enjoying life with her dog, Mowgli, and supportive husband, Danny.