Lisa Tirimacco


Born and raised on the East Coast, Lisa always loved the water, and grew up swimming in pools, lakes, and oceans. While on a study abroad trip to Australia over 20 years ago, she went on her first SCUBA dive in the Great Barrier Reef; it changed her life. Hooked on seeing the underwater world in a different way, she spent the next few months getting SCUBA certified in Fiji and on Oahu.


Being land-locked and missing the ocean terribly, Lisa decided to quit her mainland corporate job in 2013 and moved to Hawaii to play in the water. She started shooting underwater with a GoPro, capturing the mesmerizing cathedrals of light she saw when diving beneath the surface, and she hasn’t looked back since. Today she captures Oahu’s under- and above-water beauty, taking digital and film photos of the ocean’s changing reefs, sunsets, surfers and bodyboarders.


Lisa is, and continues to be, moved and changed by the water; observing the symbiotic web of life, enjoying the serenity of muted sound found in the sea. Like a held breath, these moments are captured when the heartbeat is slowed down, and the diver and the sea are one: relaxed, whole, complete.