Katharine Kollman

film photographer

Katharine Kollman is a Hawai’i-based freediver and film photographer. She does most of her photography underwater, using a vintage Nikonos V film camera, and hand-processes her film at home.  Her father taught darkroom classes at a local high school growing up, and encouraged her interest in the medium.  Compelled by a love for diving, Katharine focuses on creating images that document both the quietude and play of life lived beneath, within, and on top of the waves.


Though her roots are in the Midwest, she now resides in Honolulu, spending every free moment holding her breath and diving deeper.  Katharine finds inspiration in the water-people of her local communities, especially freedivers.  Documenting the joy, challenge, and emotion these individuals find in pushing the limits of their minds and bodies is an ongoing passion project.  The pursuit of this sport has opened up a new world beneath the water, and influences much of her work.


Currently, Katharine is working full-time while pursuing her freedive instructor certification through Performance Freediving International (PFI).  She is always seeking opportunities for creative growth and collaboration, and thrills in finding new ways to move her audience.