Elsa Senner

Painter | Illustrator

Elsa Senner's work primarily focuses on finding balance between seemingly opposing ideas - blending silly with clever, light-hearted with eerie - all parts of the human experience. Her process balances between observing and inventing. An interdisciplinary artist classically trained in 2D visual arts and graphic design, she holds a BFA in Fine Arts from Tufts University & the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Elsa began her art education at a young age, and was surrounded by a wide range of visual artists in both her family and the community she was raised in. Currently, Elsa works across mediums in oil painting, illustration, and design. Her client work can be found at Liko's Tap & Table, Anchor Woodworks, 26 & Jane, The Love For Life Foundation, Treehouse Coworking, W.W. Norton, Boston Yoga School, Keko Beverage, Voice Found, and more.

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