Morgan Snyder


Morgan creates ink illustrations of plants, predominantly working in black and white. She earned her BA in Studio Art, with an emphasis on drawing and printmaking, in 2014. After a pause during the early years of motherhood, Morgan picked up drawing again with a focus on the plants that she and her daughters would spot while hiking in the woods surrounding their town. She found that wearing the hats of both artist and mother helped her gain a new appreciation and thirst for creativity. Each drawing, created by hand in her home studio, is made up of many layered lines and marks with a fine tipped pen. Walking out in nature with her children allowed for her to slow down and notice the intricacies of veining in a single leaf, the beauty in the way a snail makes its way across the ground, and the joy that is found in such small wonders. She hopes to bring that joy and connection with nature to others through her art.


When not working, you can most often find Morgan roaming the local plant nurseries, out at the beach or along a hiking trail with her daughters.