Jennifer Valenzuela


Jennifer Valenzuela is a painter located on Maui, HI. She has enjoyed studying and creating art most of her life. Born in Oregon, attending art school and launching her career in San Francisco, she’s found herself working and living on Maui since 2008. She has been featured in various shows throughout Hawaii, New York, Texas and the San Francisco Bay area.

Her artistic process begins with exploring the natural environment of the island and getting a sense of the energy of her surroundings. “My work is grounded in a contemporary surrealistic aesthetic that invites the imagination to flourish and to seek wisdom within. My imagined landscapes are interpretations of the wisdom I take from observing the natural world.”

Native Hawaiian culture and language is rife with poetic metaphors for nature and life. I pair my pieces with ancient Hawaiian teachings called ‘Olelo No’eau’s. I incorporate this native wisdom to give a literal depth of meaning, while inspiring the composition. Exploring a visual representation of these ancient teachings disseminates and reinforces the contemporary relevance of Native Hawaiian culture for others to access. These teachings can pave a path to finding the wisdom needed to flow graciously through our daily lives.