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abstract surf art

Alexander Fudge is a contemporary Australian artist currently living and practicing in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Heavily inspired by Hawaii’s diverse environment, Alex’s paintings balance on the precipice of abstraction and landscape. 

His work, at its core, explores the primitive impulses in art. Gestural brushwork coupled with subtle geometric forms let Alex work with what he sees as the purest form of painting. 


He describes his newer paintings as mostly subconscious. There is planning, however he is not to disciplined to let the painting move in a new direction:


“My paintings are like running water. If I feel the painting moving a certain way, I will go there, because for at that moment it’s the way it has to go, be it color palette or brushwork”


 Following on with that energy, he creates visceral, energetic paintings that engage the viewer to explore how they see, and what the feel. 


He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Sydney and Hong Kong.


Alex holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Painting from Sydney College of the

Arts. He has been involved in various areas of the Art industry for 15 years.


His paintings are in private collections in Australia, Honolulu, Los Angeles and London.