Hana Yoshihata Artist Headshot.jpg

Hana Yoshihata

painter / illustrator

Hana Yoshihata, who currently lives and works on Hawaii Island, collaborates with coastal and
deep sea water to create paintings that evoke and honor the ocean, cosmos, and canoe
voyaging culture throughout the Pacific. Her experiences voyaging on traditional Polynesain
canoes Hōkūleʻa and Hikianalia throughout Hawaiʻi and abroad serve as the greatest inspiration
for her work. By incorporating waters gathered from around the world, Hana creates paintings
that are both conceptually and materially tied to voyaging, while exploring our intrinsic human
connections to the sky, sea, and earth. Since completing a BFA with distinction at the University
of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa in 2016, she has exhibited a solo show with the Honolulu Museum of Art,
has multiple pieces in the Hawaii State Art Museum’s Art in Public Places collection, and
continues to voyage.

Working on sheets of heavy watercolor paper placed flat on the floor, mixtures of ocean waters,
acrylic pigments and ink are allowed to flow, mix and dry freely across the surface. This process
welcomes the elemental influence of the ocean by changing and eroding pigments, alluding to
its power in transforming environments and landscapes, and resulting in pieces that are
ultimately shaped by the sea.

In addition to painting, Hana also works as a freelance illustrator with experience in children's
literature, comics, and portrait commissions.