Kalai Keli’iwaihoikeone

resin painter

Kalai is a Hapa Hawaiian photographer from the island of Maui. His love for photography began as a teenager. While diving for sunrise shells, he came across a fully functioning underwater camera laying on the seafloor. His photos reflect the deep respect and gratitude he has for the ocean and the many gifts it has given him over the years. Through aerial, underwater, and still photography, Kalai captures timeless Hawaiian moments. “Nature puts on these amazing displays for us constantly, all we have to do is stop and appreciate. We Mālama the things we appreciate.” 


Since moving to Oahu in 2015,  Kalai along with his other half Haumea, have been in and shot for magazines such as HILuxury, Hawaiʻi Magazine, Palm, Flux, and Sirene Journal (Italy). Together, they have collaborated with brands such as Maui Divers Jewelry, Royal Hawaiian Hertitage Jewelry, Coola Suncare, Oshan Essentials, Mālie Organics, Aloha Collection, Manuhealiʻi, Kahulaleʻa, Honua Skincare, Fighting Eel, Ava Sky, Tag Aloha, Hinano Tahiti, Mikoh, Eimeo, Kohei, and much more. 


Haumea and Kalai continue to dive deeper into their Hawaiian culture through learning and practice of traditions such as weaving, carving, hula, quilting, farming, surfing, and diving.